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Item No: BT – 2000CH

If you are looking for a light that can be used in an emergency while driving. Look no further, as we provide our very own USB rechargeable emergency flare light which has a wide dynamic range flashing effect and can illuminate up to 5 miles away on a dark road or places. It includes several light modes that are appropriate for any emergency or hazardous situation, rescue operations, and a variety of other situations where light is required. This emergency flare light is also very easy to operate. 

  1. DURABLE – This is waterproof and crush proof which can withstand any water splashes and is capable of supporting a 30 ton truck.
  2. MULTIPLE FLASHES – This has 10 light modes of light you can choose from depending on the light you need which includes fast flash, slow flash, single flash, rotating flash, alternating blink flash, SOS rescue full flash, solid-on low flash, solid-on high flash, normal 2 led flashlight, and normal 4 led flash light. 
  3. FLEXIBLE – This has a strong magnet that can be attached to the surface of the metal, such as a body of a car, car bumper, or road sign, and has a fold-out hanging hook suitable for hands free use.
  4. USB RECHARGEABLE – This comes with a USB charging cable where you can easily rechange it to any USB port with a power supply, such as a power bank or a laptop. 

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Item No: BT – 2005

Our waterproof extra bright non-rechargeable emergency vehicle warning lights will never let you down! It can be used for a long time due to its 9v 6LR61 large capacity battery. You can use it to transmit signs or warnings to other drivers or pedestrians on the road by attaching its powerful magnet to your car. It’s also incredibly bright, so you may use it on foggy roads or even in wet conditions because it’s waterproof. It’s a huge deal. Get yours right now. Here are some interesting product features that you should know about. The best 3 mode lights you should want. 

  1. It’s composed of high-quality protective plastic and is waterproof to IP65, so it can withstand snow, rain, and other water splashes.
  2. It has two flashing modes: orange strobe lighting for danger lights and white lighting for ordinary lighting, and it includes an extremely bright LED light source that can display up to one kilometer of illumination.
  3. It has a non-rechargeable 9v 6LR61 battery and a powerful magnet on the back that can be affixed to any steel surface for hands-free operation.

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What are emergency flare light for?

An emergency situation is inevitable, it might happen anywhere at any time. A device must be used to warn or inform other people that an emergency is taking place. By the name itself, “emergency flare light”, this is a product used in emergency situations, especially during nighttime when not everything is very visible to our eyes. This product is usually used in road emergencies but is not limited to it only. It produces a very red or orange light that can alert people and authorities, and let the oncoming traffic reduce their speed.

Moreover, here are some advantages of using emergency flare light:

  1. It increases visibility, especially for the oncoming traffic.
  2. It provides enough illumination around the area of emergency.
  3. It warns the drivers around the area about the hazard caused by the emergency. 
Is it safe to keep emergency flare light in the car?

Definitely! Emergency flare light are not those traditional flares that are combustible. These traditional flare must be kept in suitable storage because their combustible components might cause fire and further injuries. Also, these flares will emit fumes, and will also generate heat. On the other hand, an emergency flare light is safe to be kept inside a car. This emergency flare light is made of LEDs and is powered by batteries. This is a major advantage especially when it is concerned with safety. Get your hands into this awesome innovation by contacting us for a quote today!

How much is an emergency flare light?

Just like other products offered in the market, the price of an emergency flare light varies depending on the brand, the quality, the features, and the freebies when purchasing the product. As for the emergency flare light, some products are sold in pieces, some are sold by 2’s and some are sold in packs. The price of emergency flare lights ranges from 4 dollars to 300 dollars. Most emergency flare lights sold by piece cost 4 dollars to 14 dollars. As the price increases, the quantity per pack also increases. Also, features such as lighting modes are offered by varying product brands and models. The number of hours which an emergency flare light lasts is also considered with its price. Another factor that can affect the price is the manufacturing cost, raw materials price and the brand of the emergency flare light. Here in Brightenlux, we take pride in our product as quality made with the best raw materials while taking in mind the affordable and reasonable price for each product.

How long do emergency flare light last?

Emergency flare light last for a different number of hours depending from one product model to another. This is because they are powered by different numbers and types of batteries and different power consumption. However, on average, an emergency flare light powered by three AAA batteries may last up to thirty-six hours of continuous use. This number of hours is already too long, which is because LED bulbs are used. LED bulbs are known in the industry and in the market to be efficient despite giving off good quality light compared to fluorescent bulbs. If this duration is too short for you, there is definitely no need to worry since you can use and bring rechargeable batteries with your product for your convenience.

What is the color of an emergency flare light?

An emergency flare light must be very bright in order to fulfill its purpose. It must be bright enough to alert the people, to make you visible in the dark or far away, especially those who are in authority when in an emergency. This product must send signals and warnings to the people around the area of emergency. This is the reason that emergency flare lights have either bright red or bright orange lights. However, with the continuous innovations and advancements in technology, some emergency flare lights now have multi color lights. These colors can be switched depending on what color you want to utilize.

Does the emergency flare light pack come with batteries?

Since emergency flare lights need batteries to function, it is important to check in the product’s description if the set of batteries is included. Most emergency flare light packs have battery inclusion. However, some products do not include batteries. Despite not including the batteries, the manual of these products will include the type and number of batteries that each emergency flare light will need. Lastly, most emergency flare lights use triple A batteries which are available in different convenience and department stores. However, we would like to emphasize that batteries are included in our Emergency Flare Light products when purchased.

Can the emergency flare light be used for emergencies when snowmobiling?

Yes, of course! Emergency flare lights have the main purpose of sending signals to nearby people and authorities whenever an emergency happens. The brightness and the color of the LED lights are supposed to operate effectively at night or in any circumstance where there is low light. Also, emergency flare lights have different light modes such as alternating blinks, SOS rescue, single blink, quad flashes, and flashlight that you can utilize in different emergency situations. It is highly recommended to keep and stash an emergency kit wherever part of the house or wherever you are maybe and this emergency flare light is one of them.

Can you see the emergency flare light in the daytime?

Yes, definitely, even if this emergency flare light is most effective during nighttime, in situations where there is not enough illumination, and when there is restricted visibility. The LED lights of these emergency flare lights are bright enough to alert the traffic even in the broadest daylight. They can still attract attention on the highways because of their bright color and of course their brightness level. So keeping one is actually can be an essential for your emergency kit.

What approximate distance can the emergency flare lights be seen?

Since these emergency flare lights are very bright, especially at night, you can actually notice them from a very far distance. These emergency flare lights could be easily seen at least 300 to 500 yards, and that is still the minimum distance. This feature is very important because it would give the traffic much time for warning, to slow down, to be alert and this will prevent any further accidents to happen.

Do the emergency flare lights flash off and on?

Yes! There are several lighting modes that an emergency flare light has. There are several flash settings such as alternating blinks, SOS rescue, single blink, quad flashes, rotating flashes, steady on high, steady on low, and flashlight. These different settings can be used depending on what is suitable for the type of emergency.

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