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Top Selling Led Tactical EDC Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8012

This is not an ordinary edc flashlight that you can found in the market as this is packed with great features.it is an all in one and a super waterproof led edc flashlight.

With a brightness around 1000 lumens and a light you can use as a floodlight and spotlight. Plus, a waterproof rating of IP44. It means it can resist heavy rain and hard objects. A edc flashlight that has a lot of features for you to use.

It also comes in a package with an adaptor and 18650 battery. This one is or you!

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High Power Led EDC Flashlights Rechargeable

Item NO: BT-FL8009

Looking for a perfect and all in one edc flashlight? Then this one’s for you

This sleek and modern design flashlight has got all the things that you need and wanted in a edc flashlight. Enjoy this powerful led flashlight now with powerful lumens that is around 1000 and 5 lighting mode that you can choose from.

Light up with a style with this powerful led edc flashlight. Inquire now!

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A Striking And Portable EDC Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8014

Who wouldn’t want a flashlight that is lightweight and has a striking design.

This EDC flashlight is the one of the best as this offers a bright lumen of 1000 with 5 different lighting mode for you to choose from. These 5 lighting modes includes high, medium, low, strobe and SOS light. This 1000 lumen of brightness can cover up the area around 200m and can last up to 4 hours depending on your settings you use.

An EDC flashlight that has a rating of IP44 that means it can resist a splash of water and built with a high-quality of aluminum. It is not just a powerful EDC light but also a durable one. We made sure that this product can last long for you to use as we want you to experience the best.

Get it now for your future adventure!


A Powerful And Compact EDC Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8026

A true EDC flashlight with a size of a palm and and a lightweight design.

This compact flashlight has a powerful brightness of 800 lumens and can last around 100,000 hours lifetime with 5 modes of light to choose from. It has a Medium, low, high, strobe light and SOS light for emergency purposes.

A perfect size proportion to your hand, so if you are looking for this kind of flashlight that is packed with a lot of features and can also be a floodlight and spotlight, then this one is for you!

edc led flashlight

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What’s The Use Of An EDC Flashlight?

EDC stands for- Everyday Carry

This hand size proportion Flashlight are lightweight and portable. It is usually use indoor and outdoor like camping, hiking, cycling, fishing and even car repairing. It is an easy to hold flashlight that can be use wherever you needed it.

Are Flashlights Needs To Be An EDC?

EDC for every day carry, that depends what are the flashlights used for. It gives you a good source of light and compact and lightweight size of a flashlight that you can carry anywhere you are.

What Is The Recommended Lumen For EDC Flashlight?

300lumen EDC flashlight is a good range for everyday use. While, for the outdoor settings like camping and any other outdoor setting, the recommended lumen is around 500-2000. The brighter the lumen the more helpful it is in outdoor.


What Should I Look For In An EDC Flashlight?
  • Portable- the size of and EDC flashlight should be small and lightweight to be carried easily and it should be small enough to keep it in your bag or pocket.
  • Brightness- the most important in every flashlight is its brightness output, as the main purpose of the flashlight is to help you brighten up your surrounding area. It should have a brightness that you needed around 300-2000 lumens.
  • Durable- a portable flashlight should also be a strong enough to withstand hard objects in outdoor settings and should have a waterproof design.
  • Run time- An EDC flashlight should last long enough to use it while you’re outdoor. It should have a run time around 3-8 hours and more.
Is It Important To Have An EDC Flashlight?

Yes, because An EDC Flashlight allows you to have a light in the most convenient manner. As it serves you a great source of light and an easy to carry design. In case of emergency this flashlight will help you illuminate your surroundings.

Can I adjust the light of EDC Flashlight?

Majority of flashlight in the market has a lot of functionality including a light that can be easily adjusted. With a bright lumen of each EDC flashlight, it is surely designed for you to choose the light that you wanted. You can also choose if you want a spotlight and floodlight type of light in your EDC flashlight.


Why Do I Need To Have An EDC Flashlight?

An EDC flashlight is a must have because you can use it as source of light and send a signal around you in case of emergency. It is built to be portable and compact so you don’t need to worry about the size and its weight in your bag or wherever you want to put it.


What Are The Great Features Of An EDC Flashlight?

Some of the EDC Flashlights offers a feature like USB port to charge your other devices, rechargeable battery of flashlight, waterproof, and comes with modes of light for you to choose from.

Are EDC Flashlights Durable?

EDC Flashlights are compact and lightweight but it doesn’t mean that this kind of flashlights are weak and fragile. This EDC flashlight are durable despite of its size and weight. It is considered as powerful flashlight and long lasting. They are built with high quality of products so a lot of them are waterproof, dust proof and crush proof.

How long will an EDC Flashlight last?

An EDC flashlight last long enough, for you to use it in more activities and adventures you are planning in the future. A high quality EDC flashlight is durable and can withstand a lot of hard objects and water around it.  It’s like an ordinary flashlight in the market the only difference is its size.



You’re thinking about getting a flashlight for yourself, family or for your upcoming outdoor activities, but you’re not sure enough on what type of flashlight will fit exactly on what you need. What characteristics ought my flashlight should have? What are the features that you need to look into when buying a flashlight? What exactly is the meaning of an EDC? We will try to understand all here in this blog that will help you guide on choosing the best flashlight for your choice. The information might be tough to understand when you start looking for a new device, especially one of the important things you will have which is a flashlight.

We created these comprehensive guidelines on EDC flashlights in order for everyone to search upon the flashlight that they will need and it will help you find all the needed details and required options to choose from.


What is EDC? Let’s take a look at its definition.

EDC flashlights are typically defined as an Every Day Carry which can be use every day and can be carried at any given time. Every Day Carry products are being mentioned as an everyday tool with different use and options that you can handle. You can use this EDC products at home, in the office, when you are travelling or even in times of emergencies. The main objective of EDC products is to bring flexibility and reliability in our everyday lives.

Every Day Carry products such as flashlight, lighter, pen, phones, credit card tools, necklace tools, bandanas, wallets, watches, and cellphones as well as important tools such as multi-purpose tools, knife, and medica tools equipment like IFAK and Tourniquet are all examples for Every Day Carry items.



EDC flashlights are defined as a flashlight that can be used as an everyday tool that would fit perfectly in your everyday lives specifically for your home, school, office or any outdoor tasks and activities. Although these flashlights are made typically on solid and firm form, their predominant functions should be its flexibility, moveableness and very easy to use. Brightenlux EDC flashlights is the best fit for your need with different specific features such as high brightness, a lot of modes of light as well as it’s distance that can cover. Most of the flashlights are particularly popular to “everyday carry” because of different circumstances that arise when you can use them such as roadside emergency when your car breaks at night, a dark hallway when you need to pass on, power loss, even in fun activities such as midnight strolls with your friends.



Whether you are in need of EDC flashlights in your home, in any kinds of emergency use, or even for recreational activities.

When choosing the best EDC flashlights, brightenlux should be your number one option. With a lot of flashlights options which will surely fit your need. Whether you need a huge flashlight or even a small flashlight, an edc flashlight that can be clip in your pocket or even an EDC flashligt with great brightness and can be used for self-defense. All of these are available here at Brightenlux. Utilize your need with IP44 waterproof, adjustable focus and a max of 200 lumens brightness with BT-FL8026 Adjustable EDC Flashlight. It has compact and durable design that will surely last for long years that passed in different quality tests. Next in line is a quality EDC flashlight that is made with 5 modes light design. This BT-FL8020 EDC flashlight here in brightenlux and would be a perfect fit for any of fun outdoor activies and different unfortunate events and circumstances. Whether you need any flashlight on your choice, brightenlux flashlight will provide you the best flashlight available in the market.



The price of EDC flashlights might vary substantially depending on its quality. The price of a flashlight can be influenced by its components such as battery, materials, brightness, modes and its max lighting qualities. Regarding the cost of an EDC that has single battery use, definitely you will pay lesser here rather than ordering a flashlight that can be recharge. But in regards to a long period of time, having a flashlight that can be recharge would provide a lesser cost specifically if you want to use it for a long period of time.In the same line, a less priced EDC flashlight here in Brightenlux still possessed a higher quality flashlight as Brightenlux is producing EDC flashlight that is affordable and quality made. Brightenlux offers an EDC flashlight for a lower cost that can be used for a long period of time which you can use in our everyday lives. However, as an EDC flashlight is intended to be used in everyday lives and regularly as you it will be taken wherever you go, you might want to think about getting a high-quality EDC here in Brightenlux. All the EDC flashlights here in brightenxlux can definitely stand in any of unfortunate events and circumstances which can be helpful in order for you to sustain tough situation. All our EDC flashlights would be a perfect fit for your need. The cost of an EDC flashlight here in Brightlenlux can range from under $5 to over $100. They are not only constructed from strong, high-quality components, but they are also put through different standard testing process that passed into excellent caliber to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.



The best durable EDC flashlight would always depend on your particular provider. The best EDC flashlight will always be available here at Brightenlux. Brightenlux would be the best option for you when you are looking for a quality and affordable EDC Flashlight. With EDC Flashlights need to withstand in everyday use even for those who use their flashlights in challenging settings and times, EDC flashlights are made not only to be use as a display but it need to withstand the wear and tear of its consistently use. Even while Brightenlux customers are very often to use their EDC flashlights for a long time period of time, Brightenlux has secure its customers trust as it also provides a warranty for a long period of time that covers any brokenness or replacement you want to make for any manufacturing flaws and design within the EDC Flashlight. It’s a good indication that Brightenlux will always be here to provide you quality EDC flashlights that are affordable, durable and very easy to use.



A lot if EDC flashlights can be found in the market that has lesser cost lenses and particular components that are made of not durable materials that will easily break. So better research for the best provider of EDC flashlights to avoid any hassle that can affect your everyday need. EDC flashlights of the highest quality caliber are constructed and manufactured from tough materials that the goal is to definitely boost impact resistance, offer water proofing and dust proofing, hold and withstand with any everyday battles specifically in case of emergencies and are resilient in the face of adversities. For instance, Brightenlux flashlights are built to survive the harshest conditions and are created and manufactured from materials like hard metal aluminum, standard plastics, glass and low-cost polystyrene. Even though a highest-quality EDC flashlight that is made up of high-quality materials may cost a little more up front, with its components that passed into different standard tests, it will surely last in longer period of time with a lot of great features, saving you money rather than spending on buying replacements for your flashlight and giving you the assurance that your flashlight will function whenever you need it.



All of the flashlights available here at brightenlux are all made with original hard metals that make all our products durable and can be used for a long period of time. However, some of the greatest flashlight producers and manufacturers, notably Brightenlux, voluntarily adhere to all the needed testing requirements and different standard tests in order to see its made quality. This makes it possible for customers to understand clearly how long their flashlights will last and how they can trust Brightenlux in regards to buying EDC flashlight.

Here is a brief explanation of what Brightenlux have accomplished in terms of passing all the standard tests. Brightenlux has pass the BSCI and ISO9001:2015 quality control certificates. The products of Brightenlux have been certified with REACH, FCC and other quality standard tests that assures you of its quality.



EDC flashlights are paired with batteries that may power some surprisingly extended run durations, despite their compact size. Even the smallest EDC flashlights feature long-lasting batteries. For instance, the Brightenlux EDC flashlights is merely 3.1″ long, charges via USB-Type charging station, solar energy can be used, and has a runtime cap of 80 hours per use. Numerous rechargeable EDC flashlights made by Brightenlux are powered by 18650 batteries that carries great power. Before their battery performance starts to decline and wear out, these rechargeable batteries that was composed in EDC flashlight can be recharged up to 400 times simultaneously. Brightenlux EDC flashlight power batteries are rated for 400 cycles while inappropriate charging procedures, such as charging in severe hot or cold temperatures will lower a battery’s lifespan. These quality rechargeable Brightenlux EDC flashlights are made to last longer but everyone should be responsible when you are using it.

Because rechargeable batteries have a longer lifespan than replacement AA or AAA batteries, it is now possible for Brightenlux to add great features to their products that were previously impractical. Even some of the smallest EDC flashlights now have exterior battery level indicators and many max brightness settings.


Many people will ask if it is really necessary to have an EDC flashlight which most of the cell phones now adays are already built with flashlights in it. Although we all know that cellphones will never match the quality and brightness of an EDC flashlight so I would rather have it and carry it in my every day activities.

What if you want to light up a space or call for assistance while also making an emergency call? What if there’s an emergency and your cellphone is on dead battery? These are just some of the circumstances that a cellphone wouldn’t fit. An effective and best tool for it would be an EDC flashlight. It only has one and only function, unlike a cellphone, and it performs flawlessly and effectively. People who start carrying EDC flashlights are frequently surprised on how useful it is and how often it can be use.

Even while they are useful for many things, cell phones are frequently difficult to use with lights. As a result, users frequently forego lighting in the dark in order to avoid having to use their cell phone’s flashlight. You’ll have a handy tool to meet your illumination demands with an EDC flashlight.

Waiting until you actually need a light is a bad idea. With a reliable Brightenlux EDC flashlight, you can be ready for any lighting circumstances and emergencies.

What are you waiting for? Shop your favorite Brightenlux EDC flashlight now!



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