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High Performance Outdoor COB LED Headlamp

Item NO: BT-HL9057

A compact and durable COB LED Headlamp, ready for your outdoor adventures.

The handy headlamp you’re looking for. Is the perfect addition to your camping or hiking kit gear!

This Headlamp is very straightforward and easy to use. Can be easily charged with a USB charger. Plus, it comes in a travel pouch with a cushion perfect when not being used/traveling.

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Perfect Night Run COB LED Headlamp Gear

Item NO: BT-HL9058

A lightweight and heavy-duty COB LED Headlamp, powerful outdoor light for your night run or hike. Can be tilted up to 90 degrees and light 300 meters ahead for better and brighter visibility. With a Water Resistance Level of IP44, Perfect gift to your outdoorsy friend or relative enthusiast.

Enjoy nature at full blast and no worries, at all! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote and more information!

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COB LED Headlamp With Sensor Technology

Item NO: BT-HL9066

Smart and powerful COB LED Headlamp with Sensor Technology for a fully hands-free experience. Do any dirty work without worrying about putting mud into your amazing headlamp by just waving your hands in front to turn your device on and off and also switch light mode according to your needs.

Comes with a soft and comfortable elastic headband.

We welcome any kind of inquiries regarding our product, Contact Us Now!

2 in 1 Multi-use COB LED Headlamp

Item NO: BT-HL9071

A headlamp that can be double used as a bicycle light with sensor technology, water resistance, 180 degrees adjustable, magnet, and different light modes according to your needs! Amazing, isn’t it? Can be used for all of your outdoor adventures and tasks at home. A product worth every penny. Can be used and abused without breaking.

Message us now, our customer service will be more than happy to entertain you.


rechargeable cob headlamp

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How does COB Headlamp different from other headlamps?

COB LED stands for Chip-On-Board is one of the recent development and is a step forward among other LED varieties when it comes to efficient energy use.

Because of being compact and produces more uniform brightness compared to other varieties, this made the COB more ideal when in use for photography, filmmaking, and other photo and video recording industry. However, in a normal household, the most known and used variety of light is the SMD LED which stands for Surface Mounted Diode.

Is COB better than LED bulb?

Technically speaking, COB is a variety of LEDs. However, COB is a recent evolution of LED variety so it is not quite known unless you’re in an industry that concerns lights or lighting in general. But in spite of that, categorizing or ranking the different kinds of LED is not possible since we have different needs in choosing the best type of LED we need for the job.

Do you have rechargeable COB Led Headlamp?

Yes, we have some cob led headlamp is rechargeable. You may charge them via the following: direct USB Cable Charging, Power Bank, Laptop, Car Charger, etc… In developing our products, we really put into mind the convenience of the consumers to make their lives much easier and hassle-free when using our products. This way, we could also be more eco-friendly by not using disposable batteries that need replacements from time to time when the product is constantly in use.


Is the COB headlamp water-resistant?

Of course, all our COB LED HEADLAMP products are made to be outdoors. Products can be used for long hours, are durable, easy to use, and worry-free of the rain when outdoors because it has IPX4 water-resistant level. So don’t get worked up if you’re headlamp gets soaked, we made this product with this scenario in mind.

Does this come with sensor technology?

Without any doubt, some of our COB LED HEADLAMP is equipped with sensor technology. Got muddy hands while outdoors and you want to change the mode light of your headlamp? No problem. Simply wave your hands in front of you and the sensor will detect the movement and can change modes or turn it on and off as you wish. Keep your headlamp clean and not worry about cleaning afterward.

What are the COB advantages?

It is proven that COB has higher beam power despite only consuming less power. Hence, this makes it one of the most energy-efficient varieties among the others. COB LED is just a recent innovation which is the reason why this is still not widely known. Because of its feature of being able to produce clearer, more concentrated light and wide-angle beam. It is highly recommended to use this as a high ceiling light, to light up big spaces like playgrounds, gardens, stadiums, or huge halls. To date, the only disadvantage of COB LED is not having it come in different colors.


Are COB lights good for headlamps?

Simply put, COB is a new innovation that can take up the role of widely used LED variety in the market. Give it some time and COB will take over both COB Lead Headlamp and also lights for the home.

How long does a COB LED last?

A COB LED actually has an average rated lifetime expectancy of 50,000 hours, assuming that it is being used for 12 hours a day on average. SMD on the other hand (which is commonly used on market today), has the same life expectancy but with only 10 hours of being used on average.

How do I know when my headlamp is charged?

Our headlamps are designed to have a power indicator and it is most likely to be located near the charging port where you can plug and charge using your USB connector. Red means the battery is low and is in needs to be charged. On the other hand, green means it is fully charged and can be unplugged and used. Blinking green means the product is being charged. Charging time will vary from different models but on average it would take 3 to 5 hours.

Can you run with a headlamp?

Of course, some of our COB LED headlamps come with a comfortable head strap/headband for more comfort. We also keep in mind the weight of our products so it would be not uncomfortable to run with a heavy headlamp in the head. Lastly, we also take in mind the heating processing of our products so it will not be bothersome when in use.

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