Clip On Ring Light

Brightenlux Wholesale Clip On Ring Light

Clip On Ring Light

Video Conferencing Small Working and Study Clip on Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL004

Whether you are in a video conference or a zoom meeting, you definitely need extra lighting especially when it is gloomy or already night outside. But do not worry, here comes our small clip on ring light to save the day! With this exceptional ring light, you can now be confident to show yourself in any meeting, class, or a virtual hangout with your dearest friends. Our small clip on ring light will definitely help you feel more put together and ready during your last minute meetings. It helps eliminate shadows and provides a more consistent illumination especially when you are working or taking videos or photos for your social media platforms.

  • It features a 360 degrees of adjustability which makes it easy to use and convenient.
  • You can choose different lighting modes based on your preference: Warm Light, White Light, and Warm White Light.
  • Portable in size, and lightweight, and can be bought and used anytime and anywhere while satisfying your lighting needs.

If you have some questions regarding our company and our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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Convenient and Rechargeable Phone Selfie Clip On Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL211

When traveling, never be frustrated again by a clip on ring light with long wires to bind. Find convenience with our hand-size and portable phone selfie ring light. It is a rechargeable phone clip on ring light and equipped with built-in lithium ion batteries instead of wasting your time, effort, and money with disposable batteries. Suitable when being with friends and capturing moments in bright lighting. This Clip on Ring Light was made using high-quality materials and craftsmanship to offer a long-lasting and portable ring light that you can definitely use for a long time, worth every penny.

  • Our phone clip-on ring light is equally dispersed due to the high dispersion penetrable light cover structure, LED multi-source compact transfer, and the supporting brightness is even more feathery and lovely.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about our company or our goods!

Clip On Ring Light
Clip On Ring Light

Universal Selfie Hands free Mobile Phone Holder Clip on Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL302

It is used and recommended worldwide for the multiple utilization it provides to users, hoarded by everyone who is into the infamous dance application, TikTok. It is not too late to get and be one of them. It gets tough sometimes holding your mobile phone when watching TikTok, or finding a good place to put your phone to record those moves you have learnt, making videos, live streaming, and make-up tutorials. But the good news is! Our mobile phone holder clip on ring light can definitely help you with those problems and do it for you.

  • Our ring light can be rotated up to 360 degrees so you can conveniently change its form and placement.
  • The mobile phone holder is suitable for most phone sizes because it can tolerate 15 inch maximum width.
  • A USB powered ring light that you can use for multiple gadgets. With that, you can enjoy using your phone freely while using our ring light for extra illumination.
  • With non-slip covers to prevent scratches on your desk furniture. Unless the adjustable is twisted properly, the clamp may balance on the table on its own.

If you have some questions regarding our company and our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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What is a clip on ring light?

A clip on ring light is a simple multifunctional lighting equipment that allows users to get a supply of consistent light sources straight from their cameras’ viewpoint. A small spherical bright bulb or multiple interconnected LED lights are commonly used in this luminaire. Historically, Ring lights are designed for dental and medical functions in hand. The ring light, however, has been modified for a variety of commercial applications such as vlogging, reading, having a zoom meeting, and more due to its broad prospective possibilities. 

Can this clip on ring light be used for different things or purposes?

Certainly, yes! Our clip-on ring light is known for its multi-functional, especially with COVID 19 restrictions, all transactions, meetings, learnings, entertainment, and the likes are all done via online now. And not all homes have good lighting when you’re taking calls, and getting to install one is pricey and very inconvenient. You may work even in tight spaces but you will surely find difficulty in low quality light circumstances. Our clip on ring light will help you resolve all of your lighting problems and offer you excellent support for your everyday new normal activities without the hassle.

How many watts does this clip on ring light offer?

Proudly to say, our clip on work light receives the best recommendations and praises from past repetitive customers and the loyal ones. Aside from its variety of use and durability, our clip on ring light also has a strong bright illumination of up to 10 Watts 48 LED light. It brings enough light for you to do selfies, vlogging, makeup tutorials, and such. Despite having a strong wattage, it still helps you to conserve energy power. Amazing, right?

Will this clip on ring light overheat?

All rechargeable tools, equipment, electronics, and devices are bound to overheat. And our clip on work light is not an exception to that despite being equipped with overheating and overcharging resistance. It is not battery powered, hence it will turn on when connected to a power supply. That is why it is essential to always make sure to check the energy socket or devices where you connect it. And if you are done using the ring light, kindly disconnect. It is to avoid any future damage to the USB port and the ring light itself. It is also advisable to unplug your electronics (not only our clip on ring light) when experiencing low voltage in your area. Be cautious!

Is this clip on ring light waterproof?

Sadly, no. Our ring light is not waterproof at the moment and is only advisable to put and use when in dry places. However, it still can be used for outdoor shoots and photographs. To create natural-looking effects, our clip-on ring light can also be utilized as fill lights or as freestanding lights. In direct sunshine, it also illuminates dark lighting.

Can this clip on ring light be dimmable?

Certainly! It is one of the best features of our clip on ring light. No need to be frustrated to find a lighting mode that can beautify you or is suitable enough for your liking and needs, this can suit the environment, or even adjusted depends on your mood. That is because our ring light offers various kinds of lighting modes that you can just conveniently switch from one to another. You can choose different lighting modes based on your preference: Warm Light, White Light, and Warm White Light.  These various lighting modes have an additional 10-level brightness adjustment for you to choose from. Solving your problems thru smart innovations!

Can this clip on ring light be used for a long time?

Yes, If you are someone who often video calls or stands in online meetings for 1 to 2 hours, then worry not! Because our clip on ring light can last a minimum of one (1) hour and a maximum of two (2) hours straight. Perfect! Now you can continuously do your own thing without thinking too much of how lasting your ring light is.

Will my laptop screen be damaged because of the clip on ring light?

Do not be concerned about the safety of your device. When manufacturing our clip on ring light we made sure that the grip is strong but will not hard any devices because of its slight cushion on the mouth of the clip. It is also completely safe for your smartphone to be mounted in our universal phone holder in some of our products, tested and guaranteed. It is constructed of a scratch-resistant substance called silicone adhesive and can hold a maximum surface of 18mm. This type of material is most can be found on coats, masks, tents, backpacks, smartphones, bicycle racks, glass, and other items.

How to install this clip on ring light?

It is so easy that everyone can surely follow up! A selfie clip on ring light with attachments is great for individuals who want to snap relaxed selfies and just don’t bother holding their smartphones up with their hands. 

Follow these steps for installation for:

Fancy Circle and Grip Size Clip-on Ring Light

  • Simply connect the clip-on ring light to your smartphone device. 
  • Turn on the light.
  • To check the view, access any camera or selfie app.
  • Adjust and change brightness with the dimmer.
  • To discover how various angles affect your photographs, consider keeping your smartphone at multiple angles.
  • Take a selfie or video.

Sturdy Phone Holder Clip-on Ring Light

  • Attach the ring light to surfaces such as table edges, hang it on walls, or even make it stand on the desk.
  • Make sure to make some adjustments to the placement of the ring light. 
  • Place your mobile phone in the holder.
  • Open your camera.
  • Choose a lighting mode of your preference.
  • Take a selfie or video.
Is it necessary to have this plugged clip on ring light at all times?

Yes, of course. For you to be able to use our clip on ring light, you need to manually plug it into a power source. Don’t worry because it is compatible with most USB-enabled devices, including power banks, USB chargers, AC adapters, PCs, and laptops with a 5V2A output or it could be connected directly to your main power source, which makes it very handy and convenient. Just a simple reminder to unplug your ring light from where you connect it when not in use to avoid damage to both devices.

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