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Vintage Camping Lantern

Supply OEM & ODM service

vintage camping lantern

2022 Hot Selling Vintage Camping Lanterns

The camping lantern with 3pcs tungsten bulb and 4pcs white light led, coming with 300lumens brightness.

Rotating switch for adjustable 3 modes light, white light-warm light -warm white light

The vintage camping light with usb charging and built-in power bank function

New Design Smart Led Camping Lantern

Freely adjustable handle can used as the support stand or hanging hook, and folding in the collapsible legs for convenient storage.

360 degrees of led light, bright three brightness with different light colors, top red light for your emergency use.

led camping lantern
camping lantern

New design high power led camping lantern with 46 pcs high bright led, with more than 1000lumens

Retro Led Camping Light

Retro camping light with convenient portable and hanging hook design for more easy to carry

cob camping lantern

Lightweight portable camping lantern with dimming adjust, with bright cob led bulb

power bank camping light

Two ways to charge power, solar charging and usb input rechargeable, built-in power bank for phone charge

small tent light

Small mini camping tent light, powered by dry battery, durable and waterproof for any weather use

flame camping lantern

The camping lantern with white light and flame light, pop up to light up and off the lamp

night camping light

It is not a camping latern, but also a reading lamp, giving warm light when reading to protect your eyes

Camping Mosquito Killer Lamp

This camping rechargable mosquito killer lamp is powered by 1*18650 lithium battery, with usb input port

night camping lamp

This style lamp has two modes, one is dry battery, the other rechargeable lamp with remote controller

cob camping light

PL4025 camping lantern uses COB led , with 300lumens brightness output and magent on bottom

Football Style Camping Lantern

This camping lantern with a new desigh like as a football, combined by 4pcs foldable lighting part

Solar Camping Tent light

This bright camping tent light comes with usb charging and solar energy power, save money for usage

Brightenlux Factory

Brightenlux Your Reliable Camping Lantern Manufacturer

When you are going camping or exploring, a good camping lantern is a needment, Brightenlux is a professional supplier of camping lanterns, we have many different camping lamps for your choice, such as smart small camping light, heavy duty big size one, dry battery or rechargeable camping lantern, plastic or metal material one, and different functional camp lights.

What’s more, we supply OEM & ODM service for customers, our designer and engineer will design the light as your requirement until you are satisfied. We are all acceptable, not only for design the lantern styles, but also printing your logo on the products.

Besides the R & D ability, we also have a professional and experienced producing team. Our factory has more than 150 front-line workers, and most of them at least have 5 years producing experience. We also have a strict quality control system, the QC team will check 100% camping lamps before shipping the goods to customers.

“High Quality Products, Sincere Dedicated Service” is our eternal Aim.

Do you have USB rechargeable camping lantern?

Yes we have, and it can also works as a power bank to your phone and other devices that you have.


What special features does your camping lantern have?

We have a lot of special features for you depending on the product that you chose and here are some the features that we have

  • A  USB output and input port for charging
  • Works as power bank to your devices
  • A  magnetic base with a fordable hook
How many modes of light does your camping lantern have?

We have a product that offers 4 Light modes

  • White light
  • Warm light
  • Red light
  • Red light flash
Purpose of Red light in camping lantern

Red light’s purpose in the camp is to keep your eyes adapted in the dark and also helps you for your vision at night

Does the red light attracts bugs at night?

No, red light don’t attract bugs at night. So, no worries you can use it to see vision and  protect your eyes in the dark night without the bugs.

Is it essential to have camping lantern?

Yes, it is important to have a camping lantern because who doesn’t need light in the dark to help you do your task and enjoy the night. And it help you lighten up the large area in your camp

Flashlight or Camping Lantern?

The answer between this two is depending on the needs and circumstances. If  you want to light up a particular  area and can bring wherever you want you can choose flashlight and in the other way around the camping lantern is the one you need if you want to light up a big area with a hands free.

Benefits of Camping Lantern
  • Can provide light in a 360 angle area while doing your things in the camp
  • Can provide light without holding it
  • Solar Camping lantern with USB port
  • Can be your powerbank to other devices
  • Can be an emergency lantern if you experience power outrage in your area
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