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2022 Brightenlux New Led Camping Lamp

Item No: BT-PL4030

A good choice of Led Camping Lamp to light up your camp that has 1000 lumens and can work up to 8-10 hours. This high-quality camping lamp is perfect for your camping needs.

This is a lightweight camping lamp with an IP44 waterproof design that can withstand water in all directions. It can also easily brighten up the area of your camp covering a distance of 30m.

Send your inquiry now and let’s enjoy the beauty of nature with the light of this lamp.

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Multi-functional Cob Camping Lamp With Magnet

Item No: BT-PL4021

The portable Cob Camping Lamp is essential for all your camping and traveling needs!

These camping lamps are built with 3 cobs led bulbs and have a brightness of up to 200 lumens to light up your camping area. A rechargeable led lamp that you can charge via USB cable or place 3pcs of AA battery to use it.  It also has 3 lighting modes for you to adjust depending on your likeness and needs in the camp.

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led camping lamp
multi-function camping lamp

Brightenlux 3 in 1 Multi-Functional Cob Camping Lamp

Item No: BT-PL4063

The best multi-use Camping lamp available in the market today, with a 3 in 1 purpose. This lamp can be used as a flashlight, a table lamp, and a camping lamp. A super useful light not just in camp but also for emergency purposes. With slip-proof features, 2 light heads, 180 degrees fordable, and 3 lighting modes. It is also a rechargeable lamp and can be used as a power bank for your other devices.  This camping light can be widely used in any other outdoor and indoor activities. A camping light that is the best and worth every penny.

Inquire now and get this multi-use item.

Adjustable Dimmable Cob Camping Lamp

Item No: BT-PL4045

If you are looking for a camping lamp that can easily adjust, you have the right product in your hand now. This lamp has a step-less dimming that can change the brightness to match your environment according to your needs and likeness in the camp.

With a portable handle and lighting hours around 10-15 hours

This is a cool lamp you have to invest in. Contact Us Now!

portable camping lamp

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How Many Hours Does A Camping Lamp Last?

Most of the camping lamp in the market have different lighting modes and features that can affect the battery life of a camping lamp. A camping lamp last for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 10 hours depending on how much you used it. In the innovation of the camping lamp right now, there are few choices of a camping lamp that can last for a maximum of 16 hours and more. With a lot of choices right now, you can just freely choose the one that suits your travelling needs that can last long hours.

How Do I Choose My Camping Lamp?

In choosing the best and right light for brightening your camp is one of the tough decision as there are a lot of available choices in the market. It is important to look for these important factors in your finding the right camping lamp for you. First is the different lighting mode, then the brightness or the lumen of the lamp, next is the durability and lastly the power source of the camping lamp. Choose a lamp depending on your preference and what you need in a camp.

Why Is Camping Lamp Important?

Camping lamp is important in your camping adventures as it gives light and visibility around you. It is your way of seeing your camp area and gives you the visibility even from a far distance. It also helps you to do some chores and enjoy some activity in the camp.

What Makes A Good Camping Lamp?

A good camping lamp should provide a good brightness in your camp without disturbing what is around you. It also needs to withstand all the rough treatment and bad weather.

How Many Lumens Should I need When I have Camping?

Most of the lamp in the market provides 150-350 lumens but the ideal and the recommended lumens for a camping lamp is 200 lumens. As this is more than enough to light up your camp and not too blinding for your use.

Can I Use 1000 lumens Camping Lamp?

Yes, 1000lumens is bright enough for your camping, but if you use it in the 3-4person camping tent, suggest you use camping light below 500 lumens.


Required Lumens Of A Camping Lamp In A Group Camp?

The required and recommended number of lumens in a group is 250-400 lumens. In this range your group will now enjoy the bright area of the camp, do the task and group activities.

How Many Modes Of Light Does A Camping Lamp Has?

There are many camping lamp in the market that has different lighting mode depending on the product you choose. Some of the lamp offers 4 lighting modes, these modes are:

  • White Light
  • Warm Light
  • Red Light
  • Red Light Flash
Is There A Rechargeable Camping Lamp?

Yes, there is a rechargeable camping lamp now with some other fun features to choose from. Like a Bluetooth in a camping lamp, a mosquito killer, a detachable flashlight and a compass in a lamp. There are a lot of fun features in a camping lamp now and it continuously innovates in the future.

What Is The Purpose Of Red Light In A Camping Lamp?

Red light’s purpose is to keep your eyes adapted in the dark night and helps you to adjust your vision from the dark before turning on the bright light of your lamp. It also supports you for your vision at night.

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