The Best Outdoor Light Equipped With Motion Sensor

Item NO:  BT – SL0057
Function: 3 Modes
Product Material:  Polycrystalline Silicon
Light Output: 340 Lumens
Product Size  150mm by 102mm
Working or Running Time at Night:  8 To 10 Hours
Water Proof:  IP65 Water Proof Resistant

Bright and Adjustable Solar Motion Sensor Light

Our strong solar light can definitely exceed your expectations for a garden light if you are searching for the best light you like to install for your beautiful home. It provides super bright light and you can choose between high and low light modes. Our new improved long lasting solar motion light will offer you with a light that will beautify and romanticize the atmosphere of your garden. It may meet your runtime requirements because of its long battery life, which can last for 8 to 10 hours. It includes 7 LED beads that range in brightness from 170 to 340 lumens. The solar panel and LED light are separated, yet they are both completely and safely equipped with the polycrystalline silicon adjustment and are certified to be water resistant with IP65 rating so they can stand heavy rainfall and strong wind. Your money will be worth more as a result of installing these wonderful lights.

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Motion Sensor Light


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