This Stylish and Sleek Design Head Lamp is Made in China

Item NO: BT-HL9067
Led Bulb: 1pc. * XPG Led Bulb + COB Led Bulb
Function   7 Modes Light
Product Material: ABS Plastic Materials
Product Size: 5.5cm by 3.5cm
Available Color: Black
Water Proof:  IP44 Water Level Resistant
Other Feature:  Adjustable Head Angle, Micro USB Chargeable, Adjustment Belt, Intelligent Sensor Function, Battery Indicator, Hook and Magnet Design


Every headlight is made for multi-purpose operations for comfortable and easier work for us. We proudly present to you this magnificent headlight! With 7 modes of lighting to choose from depending on the brightness, you will need, very ideal for outdoor exploration.

HOOK AND MAGNET DESIGN: One of the few practical features of this lamp is its magnet and hook design. This lamp may be used as a lamp during your camping trip instead of a headlamp; simply disconnect it from its band and use the hook or magnet to attach it to a metal surface to illuminate your surroundings.

INTELLIGENT SENSOR FUNCTION: Just press the sensor switch and wave your hand in front of the headlamp, and the light will automatically on. Since you don’t need to touch the light to switch between lighting modes, this feature allows for easy and dirt-proof operation.

USE CHARGEABLE: This product supports multiple USB device charging. Can charge via USB, and can be connected to a computer, notebook, cigarette lighter adapter, and a few other methods. It also has a battery indicator to make sure you won’t miss the charging time.

Additionally, this headlight is IP44 water-level resistant.

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