Made in China Three Modes Lighting Head Lamp

Item NO:  BT-HL9037
Function:  3 Modes Light
Batter Type:  2 by AAA Battery Type
Product Material: TPR
Light Output:  80 Lumens
Led Bulb: COB Led Bulb
Water Proof: IP44 Water Level Resistant
Other Feature: Adjustment Belt and Dismountable Head Light


Being particular about purchasing an item like head lights is very good thinking because nowadays it is so hard to earn money and you have to make sure what’s worth buying. We at BrightenLux always guarantee that we are selling products with the best value for your money. It features dismountable head light, and an adjustable head band buckle for the desired fitness while using. This is also made of light weight materials for a comfortable time of usage.

THREE MODES LIGHT: Depending on any situation, you can select full, low, or flash lighting.

HIGH QUALITY BATTERY: You might need extended time in dark hours, this head lamp is powered by 2 pieces AAA dry battery.

WATER PROOF: One of the good characteristics a head lamp must obtain is, it must be water proof resistant, and luckily this product is IPX4 water proof. To light your dark times even in heavy rain.

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WATER PROOF: Because anytime the rain may fall, you don’t have to worry, this head lamp is designed to with stand low to heavy rainfall with its IPX4 water level resistance.

SENSOR INTELLIGENT FUNCTION: What’s great about this product is the sensor’s intelligent design, you can simply just wave your hand to select the lighting mode. You can pick lightning to normal or sensor light by switching the button located on the right side of the COB light.

FOUR MODES LIGHT: This product has four modes of light, you can choose COB full light, low light, or LED full light and LED low light.  choose normal or sensor lighting by switching the button located on the right side of the COB light.

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Head Light


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