Flame Like Cozy Effect Garden Fence Wall Solar Powered Artificial

Item NO: BT-GL8074
Function: On and Off
Charging at daytime: Yes
Working or Running Time at Night: Yes
Product Battery: Lithium Ion Battery
Power: Solar Power
Material: ABS Plastic + PS
Water Proof: All Weather Suitable

Artificial and Adhesive Mounted Solar Flame Wall Light

Since there are plenty of solar wall lights available on the market, it can be difficult and time-consuming to choose decent ones. As a result, you may be feeling bewildered and confused by the abundance of options. Search no more because our artificial and adhesive mounted solar flame wall light is all you could ask for!

  1. Solar powered. Its source of power supply is from a solar panel. The usage of solar lighting helps to reduce carbon emission caused through the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.
  2. IP55 waterproof. Our artificial and adhesive mounted solar flame wall light is IP55 waterproof and may be used efficiently in rain and bad weather.
  3. Wiring free. It is a solar flame wall light that is user-friendly and with no hassle installation. Since it is powered by a solar panel, there is no need for wirings to connect each light to its power source.

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