Solar Crack Light Individual Automatic On and Off Solar Powered

Item NO: BT-GL8037
LED Bulb Size:  13.5 * 11 cm
Switch: Automatic on and off
Waterproof and Weatherproof: Yes
Battery Type Solar Energy via Solar Panel
Features: Waterproof rubber ring, Solar Panel, Portable Rope, Glass Bottle,Wire Lamp String, and LED Copper

Hanging Outdoor Light with LED Copper Wire

Having an outdoor meeting, gathering, and even wedding can be made magical with the addition of the most suitable garden light. If you are looking for the best that can convert your outdoor space into the best venue with a warm ambiance, then this product is for you! It is a portable hanging light with a hemp rope that can restore the ancient ways. Also, its glass bottle with a crack design and with the LED copper wire lamp string inside, make the hanging light distribute a classy illumination, perfect for adding aesthetic to the venue. On top of the product design, there are still features that will definitely make your purchase worth it! First, it is solar-powered which means you can save more because there will be no need to install outdoor electrical wiring which costs a lot. Second, this is perfect for outdoor settings since this can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is waterproof with an Ingress Protection rating of 65 (IP65), it is heat resistant, and frost resistant! Third, it has a smart sensory solar panel which means the light automatically turns off during the day and proceeds to charge while it automatically turns on at nighttime. Fourth, you can use the power switch if you intend not to use the product. Fifth, its size is perfect; it is not so small and not so big so that it will not compromise the environment and ambiance.

garden light

garden light

garden light


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