Garden Light Powered By Solar With Refraction Design Light

Item NO: BT – GL8022
LED Bulb: High Power LED Lamp
Function: On and off
Solar Panel: Poly Silicon Solar Panel
Battery Type Built – in 18650 Battery
Product Size 42*9 cm
Material: Glass Lampshade with Light Refraction Design
Water Proof: IP44 Water Resistance Level

Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor Garden and Landscape Lampshade

With the right lighting, a garden’s presentation, ambiance, and design can all be improved. In order to have a more appealing outdoor garden, it is important to take into have both the proper use of lights as well as the characteristics and features of the garden light itself. Choosing the best outdoor garden light plays a vital role in maintaining the aesthetics of an outdoor space. If you want to improve the lighting of your garden without compromising its appearance, this is the best product for you! It is not your typical garden light since it is designed with a glass lampshade which refracts light. The result of this refraction gives a softer, and a more beautiful illumination. Moreover, outdoor electrical wirings can be costly and harmful, however, the best thing about this product is that there is no need to install electrical wirings since it is purely powered by solar energy. It is also waterproof with an Ingress Protection rating of 44. 

garden light

garden light

garden light


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