Classy But Luxurious Feels Garden and Lawn Light Illumination Solar Powered

Item NO: BT-GL8012
LED Bulb:  A White Straw Hat 4600 to 5600 k
Gross Weight: 39 kilograms
Solar Panel: 46*46 mm
Battery Type 1* 1.2V AA 600 mAh
Product Size 115*115*435 mm
Switch: Green Insert Switch
Carton Size: 65*50.5*71.5 cm

Solar LED Outdoor Garden and Landscape Light

Most buildings now have an outdoor garden, this is because a garden gives a lot of benefits, not only to the environment but to the humans as well. The aesthetics, ambiance, and design of a garden can be enhanced with the proper use of lights. Not only that proper use of lights but the qualities and features of the garden light itself should be considered in order to have a more appealing outdoor garden. If you are looking for an energy-saving, rainproof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, portable, lightweight, and sophisticated garden light, this is the best product you could ever have! It is utilizing solar power which means there is no need to install outdoor electrical wirings. Using LEDs as the source of light is an energy-saving feature. Also, with its insulation sheet, the product is safe from the heat of the sun. Its high-quality materials protect the product from rust and the possible damage of rain. The pattern of its design gives a classy look which is perfect for giving additional aesthetics to the garden.

garden light

garden light

garden light


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