Flame Like Light For Garden Ambiance and Mood Torch Light

Item NO: BT-GL8005
LED Bulb: 48 LED Warm Light + 18 LED White Light
Working Voltage 1 watts
Solar Panel: Polysilicon Solar  Panels
Battery Type 3.7 volts 1200 mAh Lithium Battery
Product Size 195*170*595 mm
Function: On and Off
Water Proof: IP44 Water Resistance Level

Solar Charging Waterproof and Portable Garden Flame Light

We feel more at ease when there is a garden nearby, and the landscaping enhances our appreciation of nature. Installing garden lights is a necessity to improve the garden’s appearance, particularly at night. A garden light’s features need to be the first thing to be taken into consideration when choosing the best light for your courtyards, villas, gardens, and lawns. The ideal outdoor lighting fixture will illuminate the area adequately without detracting from or otherwise interfering with the garden’s aesthetics, ambiance, or landscaping. Outdoor garden lights are already widely available, but this product has more to offer. This product displays a very realistic image of a moving flame. It is protected from the intense heat of the sun and from the possible dame of the rain by its hat. Moreover, this product is also waterproof! Despite displaying a flame light, this product is totally safe, can save energy, and is convenient to use because it is solar-powered; there is no wiring required and it can be placed anywhere in the space. With its dimensions of 185 mm by 700 mm, it is portable and is very easy to install. Lastly, it has optical sensing which makes it automatically turns off during the day to charge its battery, then turns back on at night, so there is no need to turn it on and off.

garden light

garden light

garden light


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