Mosquito Killing Garden Pathway Lamp With Rainproof Water Resistant and Solar Panel

Item NO: BT-GL8004
LED Bulb: A White Light 6000 – 9000k and a blue straw hat to kill mosquitoes
Function: On and Off
Solar Panel: 46*46 mm polysilicon
Battery Type 600 mAh
Switch:  Two Modes

Multifunctional and Portable Solar Powered Outdoor Ground Light

In choosing the best light for your courtyards, villas, gardens, and lawns, its features must be the first thing to be taken into consideration. The best garden light will provide enough illumination to the space without destroying or compromising the ambiance, the beauty, and the landscaping of the garden. There are already a lot of outdoor garden lights available in the market but this product has more to offer. The most unique feature of this garden light is that not only it provides good lighting, it also acts as a mosquito killer. It has a very sophisticated yet a practical design. It has an insulation sheet to keep it safe from the scorching heat of the sun, and it is also safe from the rain because it is rainproof and rustproof. In addition to these features, it is solar-powered which means it is an energy saving device. Lastly, this product gives convenience since there is no wiring needed, and this can be placed anywhere in the area. The light is made of LEDs which means it is more efficient.

garden light

garden light

garden light


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