Illuminate Pathways In Your Garden Without Hassle Wiring

Item NO: BT-GL8001
LED Bulb: 8 pieces * 2835 SMD
Working Voltage 1.2 Voltage
Solar Panel: Polycrystalline Silicon 2.2 Volts 100 mAh
Battery Type 1*600 mAh Ni-MH
Product Size 12*12*12.6 cm
Material:  Stainless Steel + PC
Light Output: 30 Lumens

Solar Charging Waterproof and Portable Garden Ground Light

Having a garden around makes us feel relaxed, and its landscaping makes us appreciate nature even more. To enhance the garden’s appearance especially at night, installing garden lights is a must. Also, it will undoubtedly highlight the cultivation of an outdoor garden. This product is the best for you if you’re looking for the best outdoor garden light! Since it is solar-powered, you won’t have to worry about the power supply, especially if your garden lacks adequate cabling. Also, this is waterproof with an IP rating of 65, totally perfect for an outdoor garden. There is no need to switch it on and off because it automatically turns off and charges its battery during daytime, and it turns on at nighttime. Lastly, it is portable and it is very easy to install. With a consistent five-star customer rating and complete product certifications, we can assure you that purchasing this product will never put your money to waste. 

garden light

garden light

garden light


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