Long Lasting Most Powerful Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8068
Material: Aluminum material 
Size: 5.3*26.3 cm
Battery: 2*26650 battery
Lumen: 850 lumen
Light modes: 7 modes light (Full-Medium-Flash)
Feature : USB Port, Adjustable Beam And Battery Indicator

Most Powerful Flashlight With Zoomable Features

  • Bright Lumen: A 850 lumen as a bright output of this light is enough to brighten up a room and a large area outdoor.
  • USB Port: This light has a USB input and output for charging and a source of power to your other devices.
  • 7 Modes Of Light: It has 7 modes of light to select from and it can be change by simply pressing the switch button.
  • Adjustable Beam: Adjust the beam light of this flashlight, by zooming it in and out to change it from floodlight to spotlight.
  • Battery Indicator: It is important to know the remaining battery life of your flashlight and it can be seen near the switch button of your flashlight.
  • Multi-Purpose: This flashlight cannot only be use as an indoor lighting; it is also a good choice of flashlight outdoor because of its bright lumens.

Powerful Flashlifht With 7 modes of Light

Multi Purpose Powerful Flashlight


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