Super Bright Led Torch

Item NO: BT-FL8007
Bulb: Super Bright LED
Run Time: 20 Hours
Size: 59*164mm
Range: 500+ meters
Lumen: 2000 lumen
Light modes: 5 modes light (100%-70%-50%-20%-Strobe)
Feature : Anti-Slip Design, Type C Rechargeable & IPX5 Waterproof

A Powerful Rechargeable Led Torch

If you are looking for a LED Torch Light with an amazing range of brightness and modes of light you can adjust with, then this product is for you. This Led Torch Light offers 2000 lumen of brightness and five modes of light for you to choose from. It also has 20 hours of working time that you can use for a long period whether you are indoor or outdoor. Built with strong materials that surely will last long, so get this product now and enjoy it in your next adventure!

  1. This LED Torch can be used whether you are indoor incase of emergency and outdoors like camping, hiking, hunting and any other outdoor activities.
  2. It has a powerful brightness of 2000 lumen that can cover the distance of 500m and five lighting modes for you to adjust from. You can adjust it from its full brightness up to 20% of its brightness and also has a strobe light in its modes of light.
  3. A rechargeable LED Torch, you can charge it using type c charger or using a USB port. It works up to 20 hours so need to worry because it can really work long hours.
  4. A IPX5 waterproof rating. With this rating it is sure that your LED Torch light can withstand a low pressure of water coming from all direction.

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