Heavy Duty Police Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL3080
Charging: DC Charging
Range: 100m
Size: 36*380mm
Battery: 3*AAA battery or 1*18650
Lumen: 180 lumen
Runtime: 4 hours
Feature : IPX6 Waterproof & Mace Design

An Aluminum Rechargeable Police Flashlight

  • Brightness: This police flashlight has 180 lumens that can range the distance of 100m. It is a good range for indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Self-Defense Tool: It has a unique mace design that is good as a self-defense tool. The mace design is good for breaking a glass and striking an assailant. The tail end can also be used as a emergency hammer because of its pointed end.
  • Rechargeable: Direct charging is the way of charging this rechargeable flashlight. It can be easily plug in into any outlet for it to be charge. You can also use a 3*AAA battery if you don’t like to charge it.
  • Long Lasting: This police flashlight can last for 4 hours to 10 hours. It can last long enough depending on the mode you chose.
  • Impact Resistance: Police flashlights are known for its durable aluminum body that can resist a drop, and this flashlight can resist a 1.2 meters.
  • Waterproof Resistance: This flashlight has a waterproof rating of IPX6 that means it can be safely use in the rain.


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