Flashlight With Car Charger

Item NO: BT-FL3078
Rotation: 90 Degree Rotation
Size: 2.6*11.3cm
Charging: Dual USB, Type C USB & Single USB Charging
Car Charger: Yes
Light modes: 4 modes light (Full-Medium-Flash-Bright Side)
Feature : Safety Cone, Powerbank & Strong Magnet

Multi-Functional Rechargeable Flashlight

  1. It has a powerful brightness coming from a quality XPG Led that produces high lumens with an additional light coming from a COB side Led.
  2. This flashlight can be a source of power to your other devices outdoor because it can also act as a powerbank.
  3. Features a strong magnet that can be attach to any metal available.
  4. A safety cone that can be use incase of emergency as this cone can break a glass and can be use to strike an attacker.
  5. It has 3 charging modes to choose from and you can also attach it to your car for charging your other devices.
  6. The light of the flashlight can be rotated up to 90 degrees angle with 4 modes of light to choose from.

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4 modes flashlightpowerbank flashlight

unique flashlight


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