Powerful Rechargeable Torch Light

Item NO: BT-FL3024
Bulb: 1*XPE
Material Aluminum material 
Size: 2.5*21.5cm
Battery: 1*18650 battery
Lumen: 160 lumen
Light modes: ON-OFF
Feature : Waterproof And Rechargeable

Hard And Durable Rechargeable Torch Light

Built with high quality of aluminum, this rechargeable torch light is surely one of the best in terms of durability. It is made to be crash-proof, so in case of accident falling outdoor this rechargeable torch light can still work properly. It is also rechargeable for you to be able to charge it anywhere you like whether, in car or at home. This torch light can last long after charging, so no need to worry about charging it all over again.

  1. It has a superbright lumen that can cover the distance of 300m. this torch light is a great choice for outdoor and indoor as this has an impressive light output. Using it You can easily see what’s ahead and around you outdoor. By just simply pressing the button you can turn it on.
  2. No need to worry about charging this torch, as this is rechargeable. You may charge it anywhere you like whether you are in car or at home. It is very convenient as you don’t need to buy battery for replacement. You just need to plug it in for charging
  3. This rechargeable torch light is not just durable but also waterproof. It means you can use it even when its raining and bad weather outdoor. It is a plus if you have a waterproof torch light because in case of emergency during a bad weather you can still rely on it.

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long lasting rechargeable torch light

Durable Torch Light


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