Hidden Strong Magnetic Compact Beacon Light

Item NO: BT-2006CH
LED Bulb: 6 pcs 2835 SMD + 6 pcs 2020 SMD
Working Voltage 4.2 volts (Minimum 3.2 volts)
Function: Yellow Light Strobe – White 100%
Battery Type Polymer Lithium Battery (352509, 3.7 Volts, 800 mAh)
Product Size 60.8*35.3 cm
Material: ABS + PMMA
Light Output: 30 Lumens


  1. It has a USB charging connector that may be used to recharge the built-in battery. Up to 800 mAh battery capacity that could last for 20 hours plus of continuous use.
  2. The visibility that reaches a maximum of 360 degrees. 
  3. Made of ABS/PC materials for long-lasting and high-quality use.
  4. It has a power display for easier monitoring of power capacity. Blue indicates full charge, yellow indicates half battery, and red indicates low power. 
  5. There are two light settings: a warning flash light for emergency flashes, amber light three times every second, and white light for routine use.

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beacon light

beacon light

beacon light


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