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Brightenlux Smart Led Bike Tail Lights

Item NO: BT-BY6022

This bike tail light is made of high quality aluminum alloy ABS plastic, with high bright COB led, durable and IPX6 waterproof for any weather day.

The bike taillight comes with two kinds of turning-on light. One with sensor switch for 5 modes light (high-low-flash-quick running-slow running), the other one without sensor function for 3 modes light)


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Hot Selling Various Bike Tail Lights

Brightenlux supplies different kinds of bike tail lights with different functions, and also customizes different colors as your requirements, such as red, blue, white, black, orange etc. We have the bike taillights with different materials, including plastic and aluminum alloy.

Printing your logo on the bike lights are welcome

Just please Contact Us to get the catalogue and samples

bike tail light supplier
rechargeable bike tail light

COB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light BY6026

Brightenlux BY6026 USB rechargeable bike tail light comes with a charging cable that charges from power supply, computer, charger or any other device with USB port.

The tail light is built-in high capacity 600mah rechargeable battery for long lasting and high power supply, and also this bike tail light has 6 different modes light for different needs.

Brightenlux USB Rechargeable Led Bike Tail Lights

Item NO: BT-BY6035

This rechargeable rear bike lights are built-in 160mah rechargeable battery, power supplied by any devices with usb port, and it only takes 2 hours charging for 10 hours working.

Brightenlux supplies 3 colors for this taillight to choose, red color with red color light, white light with white color lights, blue color with blue color light, and each color light has 4 different modes lighting.

led bike tail lights

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What Makes A Good Bike Tail Light?

In looking for a tail light you should look for, its durability and how strong it is to withstand all the hard objects. the other thing to consider is, that it should be waterproof and water-resistant.

Where Do I Need To Mount My Bike Tail Light?

It should be located close to the top of the seat post and not too low to be still visible.

Do I Need A Bike Tail Light?

Some cyclists are not prioritizing a tail light but some prefer to put one. The tail light adds your visibility and safety on the round so, you better add one.

What Is The Different Lighting Mode Of A Bike Tail Light?

It depends on the tail light you chose. Some tail lights have 4 lighting modes: ‌100% brightness ‌50% brightness ‌Slow Flash ‌Fast Flash

Is There A Waterproof Bike Tail Light?

Yes there is, and it is IPX4 rainproof and waterproof and it can be used in any weather.

Does A Bike Tail Light Need To Be Flashing?

It depends on you, but if you choose a flashing one it needs to be 1 and 4 flashes in a second.

How Important It Is To Have A Bike Tail Light?

Having a tail light is highly recommended as it adds safety on the road to help you to be more visible to other cyclists and drivers.

Is There A Rechargeable Bike Tail Light?

Yes, there is and it also comes with a charging cable that you can charge anywhere as it has a USB port.

Why Do Cyclists Choose A LED Tail Bike Light?

Most cyclists chose LED tail lights because of their long battery life and their cheap prices in the market.

Is It Illegal To Use A Flashing Tail Bike Light?

In some countries, it is forbidden as it distracts attention and irritates motorists on the road. While most countries highly recommend having one. According to some research flashing modes attracts 3 times more attention.

Do you have bike tail light can also be used as the bike front headlight?

Yes, we have some modes also can be install on the front bike bar, used as front bike light, such as our BY6031, BY6032, BY6035 etc.

Do you supply customized service for the bike lights?

Yes, we are a professional bike light manufacturer, we can custom made of the bike lights including the style, color and packing ways as your requirements.

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