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Brightenlux Hot Selling Red Led Bike Rear Light

Item NO: BT-BY6061

This bicycle rear light is equipped with 5 high bright led bulbs, coming more than 100lumen brightness.

USB rechargeable bike rear light is charged by USB port device. The waterproof bike rear light can also be mounted on helmet, backpack or pet collars etc. The light keeps you safe when you are cycling, walking, running, hiking or walking the dog.

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Smart Bike Rear Light With Brake Sensor

Item No: BT-BY6046

Auto ON/OFF: This bike rear light with brake sensor, motion sensor and lighting sensor.

Brake sensing: Automatically light up after braking.

Motion sensor: When have a riding, the taillight will be auto On, it will be auto Off when detect no motion.

This bicycle tail light also comes with manual switch for 6 different modes light.

Please Contact Us to get more information about this bike rear light.

bicycle rear light
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Mini Rechargeable Bike Rear Light BY6027

This smart small bike rear light has wide rang usage, you can install it on the bike seat post, seat stay, helmet hat, backpack etc, the mini smart design for easy to carry.

The bike taillight is also easy to install and quick to release, no need any other tools. The bike rear light is matched with adjustable rubber slotted strap, you can mount where you want.

Multi-colors Rechargeable Bike Rear Lights BY6020

1) Material: made of aluminum and plastic

2) Size: 8.2*2.5cm

3) 3 modes light: 100% brightness-50% brightness-Strobe

4) bike light color: red light, blue light, white light for choice

5) USB charging: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, powered by any USB interface device

6) Easy to install: silicone strap universally mount to any bike in seconds


rechargeable bike rear lights

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How Important Is The Bike Rear Light?

Rear bike lights are important not only at night but also on a gloomy days and road with low light because, rear light will help the other drivers to spot you.

How Many Lumens Should A Rear Bike Light Be?

Most of the rear lights’ lumens are between 5 to 100 lumens.  100 lumens is good already because it is light enough for your rear light.

Should A Rear Light Needs To Be Red?

Rear lights should be red because, most of the cars tail lights are red and it, needs to be light enough to be seen by other cars and drivers behind you.

Do I Need A Flashing Bike Rear Light?

Yes because, a flashing rear bike light attracts more attention to the drivers and allows them to see you instantly on the road.

Where Do I Need To Put My Bike Rear Lights?

Bike rear lights need to be between 1500mm and 350mm from the ground and must be visible from behind.

How To Install A Rear Bike Light?
  • First you need to fasten the base
  • Then hang one side of the base to a rubber ring
  • Put it to the place where you want it and fasten
How Many Working Hours Of The Bike Rear Light?

The battery life of a bike rear light usually is at least 2-5 hours, And if it flashing it will give you 5 hours for it saves battery life.

How Many Volts Are Their In The Bike Rear Light?

The input voltage of a bike rear light is within 5 volts.

What Are The Features Of A Bike Rear Light?
  • With 3 modes of light (depending on the rear light you chose)
  • A USB rechargeable light
  • A 180-degree floodlight
How To Know If My Rear Bike Light Is Full Already?

Most of the rear bike lights in the market have an indicator if it is full. The red light means its charging and green means its full.

Do you have special functional bike rear lights?

Yes, except normal lighting, we have a bike rear light with motion sensor and brake sensing, and also we can customize as your requirements.

What material bike rear lights do you have?

As a bike light manufacturer, we have different plastic material bike rear lights including plastic material, aluminum and silicone materials.

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