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Solar Charging Bike Light With Horn Button

Item NO: BT-BY6039

This bike light has 2 ways for power supply. One is powered by solar charging, just charged by the sun light, convenient use and save money. The other is usb input charging with your computer or any other usb device.

The rechargeable bike light also comes with horn for emergency usage to make safe riding.


Rechargeable Led Bike Light Set BY6032

Usb rechargeable bike light: built-in rechargeable lithium battery for each light, easily attach the micro usb cable to the bike light usb input port, powered by any usb interface device.

Four different lighting modes: including 100% brightness, 50% brightness, Slow Flash, Fast Flash

USB rechargeable bike light set
Solar Power Bike Light

This solar bike light is charged by sun light and USB charging

Rechargeable Bike Light

USB rechargeable bike light with power bank function

Waterproof Bike Light

Bike light is made of high quality ABS plastic, durable and waterproof

Bike Light With Horn

This bike light comes with horn for riding emergency use

cob led bike light

This charging cob led bike light with white light and red light

Bike Tail Light

Supply high quality usb rechargeable bike tail light

Led Bike Lights

This bike light set can be used as front light and tail light

silicone bike lights

Bike lights are made of silicone, lightweight and easy to install

Bike Wheel Lights

The multi-color wheel bike lights are for night safe riding

Brightenlux flashlight manufacturer

Brightenlux Professional Bike Lights Manufacturer

Brightenlux Vision: Let Every Explorer Discover The World Unknown

People are born curious of all the things around us, we like adventures and exploration of unknown world. However, when the night falls, our vision is limited.

Brightenlux is a professional lighting manufacturer, which is committed to help the adventurer explore the world, our lighting products will help you to light up your world. We supply a large range outdoor lighting products including led flashlight, led headlamp, bike light, camping light etc. Such as our bike lights, when you are riding home at night or a mountain riding adventure, our bike lights will light the way forward and keep you safe. And we supply many different kinds of bike lights with different functions for different purpose usage.

We hope you can enjoy every moment of your adventure, which will bring you happiness and health, let you life more wonderful.

Where there is light, there is a direction that keeps us moving on. Never stop exploring, we are always here.

Are You A Bike Light Manufacturer?

Yes, We are a professional bike light manufacturer for several years, and supply bike front lights and tail lights, also we supply customized bike lights for customers.



How Many Lumens Do I Need In A Bike Light?

Anywhere between 100- 200 lumen light is enough if you don’t need much light and 200- 600 lumen if you need brightness for the visibility in the road, also we have more than 1000lumen bike lights.

Do I Need A Red Light Bike Light?

Yes, you need it to feel much safer on the road, to establish a little control and can also help you to save time if you want to drive through a red light.

How Many Bike Lights Do I Need?

You need a minimum two bike lights, One at front to brighten up the front road and the other one at the back so other drivers can spot you.

What Bike Light Should I Use?
  • A bright front lights
  • A red light
  • A light available at day and night
Do I Need Bike Lights During Daytime?

Yes, you need it to increase your visibility to other drivers during day time.

What’s The Use Of A Flashing Back Bike Light?

The main use of a flashing backlight is to increase a vision of you at night while, decreasing the use of the bike light battery.

How much hours should a bike light to be charged full power?

Usually, it takes 3 hours to charge a bike light but, it depends on how drain your light is and the battery you used.

What’s The Purpose Of A Bike Light?

The main purpose a bike light is to:

  • Be more visible to other drivers
  • To brighten up your front road
Can I Ride A Bike Without A Bike Light?

No, for safety purposes you need to have a bike light when you have a night riding.

Can I have a customized packing including bike front light and tail light?

Yes, we accept customized packing, just please send us your customized AI or PDF file of the package. And we also can put the front light and tail light as your requirements.

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