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bike front light

Bike Front Light With Power Bank And Speaker

Item NO: BT-BY6040

Brightenlux USB rechargeable bike front light with phone holder and comes with power bank function for you phone charging even when you have a outdoor cycling

The bike front light headlight also comes with 130db loud speaker horn and with 3 modes light for different lighting needs.

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Brightenlux Mountain Rechargeable Bike Front Light

Item NO: BT-BY6043

The bike front light is equipped with 2pcs high bright XML T6 LED bulbs, coming 2000lumens brightness for a longer and larger illumination. 5000K color temperature natural white light brings a better look at night, especially for bumpy mountain road.

The bike cycling light is with 6 modes different lights for the two led bulbs from high,low to strobe

rechargeable bike front light
Solar Power Bike Light

This front bike light are powered supplied by solar and usb rechargeable

Rechargeable Bike Light

2000lumens high bright waterproof usb rechargable bike lights

cob led bike light

Mulit-functional light can be used as bike light and smart working light

white light red light bike light

This bike lights comes with 4 mdoes light for white light and red light beam

Aluminum Bike Front Light

The waterproof bike cycling light made of high quality durable metal

Bike Light With Horn

This bike for front light comes with 130db loud speaker horn

Waterproof Bike Light

Bike light is made of high quality ABS plastic, durable and waterproof

usb bike light for front

The Bike front light is with power indicator shows from 25%-100% power

Bright bicycle headlight

Bike lights are made of high quality plastic and with USB rechargable

Brightenlux flashlight manufacturer

Brightenlux Professional Bike Lights Manufacturer

NINGBO BRIGHTENLUX ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD. is located in Ningbo City China, the factory area covers 10000 square meters and now from a small group to a large company with 200 enthusiastic employees, including 150+ workers and 30+ staffs. Brightenlux is a professional manufacturer which is engaged in designing and producing various led outdoor and indoor lighting products, such as Bike lights, Flashlight, Headlight, Work Light, Camping Lantern, Solar Light, Emergency Light, Bicycle Light and more than 350 kinds of products.

Brigthenlux Not only have a wide kinds of lighting products, but also have different function for the same kinds products. Like the bike lights, we supply bike front lights and also supply bike tail lights. Some of th bike front lights are usb rechargable, some are powered by solar sunlight, some bike front lights with power bank function, and some with lound speaker for a safer night riding, and so on.

Our products also passed CE, ROHS, REACH certificates and test reports and our facilities have passed ISO9001:2015 quality control system. Brightenlux adhere to expand your horizon to every moment, providing illumination to let you see your route ahead in the darkness, but to also guide your way to discover more of the unknown world


Do I Need A Bike Front Light?

Yes, because the main purpose of the bike front light is for you to be able to see the road ahead of you.

How Should I Position My Bike Front Lights?

A good position of a bike front light is mounted at primary handlebar while the other one is at your helmet and it should be separating vertically to ensure that you will be seen by motorist with low and high vehicles.

When And Where Will I Use My Bike Front Lights?

It is a must, to have it at day and night time. If you are riding on the trail at night a bright light is essential to have. While in mountain biking is good to have a mounted front bike light and a helmet light. Remember that if you have a bright ambiance you need to have a brighter front bike light to have a visibility on the road.

What Should You Look For In A Bike Front Light?

In buying bike front light, you need to prioritize the sturdiness, battery run time, water resistance of the light and how strong the hold of the light is.

What Should I Avoid in a Bike Front Light?

You need to avoid a light that have a feature that doesn’t have any purpose for a bike front light.

What Are The Purposes Of A Bike Front Light?

The two purpose of a bike front lights are:

  • To provide illumination to see clearly what’s ahead of the road
  • To ensure that you can be seen by another motorist on the road
What Are The Product Details Of A Bike Front Light?

Here are some of the product details of a bike front light:

  • An aluminum material
  • Attachable base of the buckle
  • A waterproof Light and button
  • With a USB rechargeable port
What’s The Other Use Of A Bike Front Light?

Bike front light can also be use in camping, fishing, climbing, jugging and a light for a car repair. This light is versatile and can be use not just by cycling.

How Bright Is The Bike Front Light?

In high lighting mode it can light up to 310 feet and in med and low it can light up 50 and 25 feet.

Are you a supplier of a Bike front light?

Yes, we supply different kinds of bike lights with high quality and safe products that has certifications like FCC and CE ROHS REACH.

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