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Rechargeable Led Bicycle Light With Speaker And Speed-meter Counter

Brightenlux new design super bright rechargeable bicycle light with multi-function, including speedmeter, loud speaker with 6 sound modes, and power bank for phone charging, 4 different modes light.

The speed meter display can show average speed,max speed, single mileage, total mileage, riding time.

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Why Choose Brightenlux Bicycle Lights?

  1. Brightenlux is a professional bicycle light manufacturer for about 10 years, we have much rich experience on producing and designing bicycle lights.
  2. We have many more different led bicycle lights including front light and rear tail light. Such as,rechargeable bicycle lights, battery powered bike lights, etc.
  3. Brightenlux have a strict quality control for the bicycle lights, and our products have past CE ROHS REACH certificate testing.

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Brightenlux Rechargeable Bicycle Lights With Power Bank

Item NO: BT-BY6043

This bicycle lights have two modes for choice, small one and big one. Small style with usb rechargeable, the big one with usb charging and power bank function.

The rechargeable front bicycle light comes with power indicator to show battery power: 25%-50%-75%-100% power display, which will reminder the rider to charge in time.

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Brightenlux Super Bright COB Rechargeable Bicycle Light

Item NO: BT-BY6045

Led bulb: the bicycle light comes with super bright COB led and 2PCS XPE LED, brings more than 1000lumen brightness.

USB charging: the cycling bicycle front lights are built in with 2200mah high capacity rechargeable battery with high bright power supply.

Multi-purpose usage: The light is not just a bicycle light, but also can be used as flashlight or working light.

Rechargable bicycle front light

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How Many Hours Is The Battery Life Of A Bicycle Light?

It depends on the bicycle light you chose but we have a bicycle light that have this run time

  • High Light-4 hours
  • Flashing Light-21 hours
  • Low Light-9 hours
How Many Hours Do I Need To Charge My Bicycle Light?

2-4 hours is the charging time depending on the bicycle light you chose and how drain it is.

Can I Not Use Bicycle Light If I Have Light In My Helmet?

No, you can’t. Putting your light in your helmet is not safe because if you turn your head opposite to your travel direction, the other driver will no longer see your light.

What Is German Standard In A Bicycle Light?

The German Standard in a bicycle light are lights that leveled on the ground so it can’t be disturbing to other drivers or cyclist.

Bicycle Light With Horn Description
  • Built with aluminum material
  • With 1200mAh battery that can be used for 3-7 hours
  • With USB output and input for charging
  • With speaker and alarm setting
  • With battery life display
How Many Modes Of Light Is Available In A Bicycle Light?

Usually, it is between 3-5 modes of light depending on what you chose. For the 5 modes the lights are high light, mid light, low light, flash & warming light and high & warming light.

How Will I Install My Bicycle Light?

For the installation of the Bicycle light, you need to follow this step:

  • Place the Bicycle Light where you want to put it.
  • Draw the band of the light and fasten it
  • Fixed the light on your likeness
How To Use The Alarm Setting In A Bicycle Light?
  • Hold the left button for turning on the alarm mode
  • Hold the right button for turning it off
What’s The Battery Indicator Of A Bicycle Light?

Most of the bicycle light in the market have a battery indicator of:

3 lights- means the remaining battery is around 75-100%

2 lights- means the remaining battery is around 45-75%

1 light-means the battery is running low and needs for charging

Is There A Rechargeable Bicycle Light That Is Waterproof?

Yes, there is, with a wide variety of bicycle light in the market today, you have a lot of options to go to and look for the light you need.

Do You Have Bicycle Light With Power Bank?

Yes, we have bicycle lights with power bank function, which comes with usb output port, you can use the bike light to charge for your cell phone or IPAD.

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