18 inch ring light

Wholesale 18 Inch Ring Light

18 Inch Ring Light

Dimmable and Sturdy Tripod Stand 18 Inch Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL018

If you have tried taking selfies or videos using your own mobile phone or camera but you are not happy with the outcome, you might need to upgrade your camera or you need something to upgrade your light. Our sturdy and dimmable tripod stand 18 Inch Ring Light can definitely assist you in capturing immaculate and brilliantly lit images and films. Wanting to take photographs in wide areas, with higher or lower points of view? Not a concern at all! Because our 18 Inch Ring Light is all you need, ready to the rescue!

  • Our tripod stand ring light tripod is composed of aluminum alloy material and is utilized to control a stable phone holder while capturing shots. Its collapsible elevation extends from 22.8 to 69.7 inches.
  • Sturdy locking mechanism and relatively steady 3 legs set design keeping all personal belongings safe.
  • Comes with a cordless Selfie Bluetooth Controller that you may use to capture photographs straight! There’s no need for you to touch your camera phone; it’s extremely user-friendly!
  • It has two USB charging connectors so you can charge your other device while live streaming.

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Item No: BT-RL106M

For your convenience, this desktop ring light comes with a 1.8 meter wire control that is USB powered and is available ready at your service anytime. A wide range of products, including laptops, computers, power banks, and USB chargers, are compatible with these cute desktop ring lights. This desktop ring light is also great for video conferencing, business video calls, zoom meetings, cosmetics lessons, photography, and online streaming on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Tiktok.

  • The aluminum stand’s height may be adjusted from 12 to 59 cm to fulfill your desired variety of lighting requirements.
  • The face ring light includes three different color illumination modes, each with ten different brightness settings. It also has 120 LED beads with a chromaticity of 2700 power to 6500 power, making it relaxing and sufficient for your lighting needs.

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18 inch ring light

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What comes with the 18 Inch Ring Light when purchased?

If you’re curious here are the answers. Well, there are many other tools and devices that you can get when you purchase our 18-inch ring light. All of these tools and devices moderately help the overall performance of our ring light. Here are the following:

  • (1) 18-inch ring light. 
  • (1) AC adapter and a Power cord
  • (2) Lithium-Ion Battery
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • (1) Ring light Gooseneck Arm
  • (1) Ring light swivel mount and mobile device mount
  • (1) Ring light stand
  • (1) Ring Light travel case
  • (1) Product manual
How does the selfie controller help with the 18 Inch Ring Light?

When you purchase our ring light, it automatically comes with a cordless Selfie Bluetooth Controller that you may use to capture photographs straight! There’s no need for you to touch your camera phone; it’s extremely user-friendly! We also include an ultraviolet microcontroller with which you can change the chromaticity and luminance of our tripod stand 18 inch Ring Light from a range of up to 8.2 feet or 2.5 meters. It is very essential when recording a video or taking photographs to have your desired angle or point of view. If your content needs to be filmed in a wide space, there is no need for you to run back and forth to tap your camera shutter, create a makeshift stand or change the brightness level.

Can I use this 18 Inch Ring Light for vlogging?

A big yes! It is one of the many known purposes of our 18 Inch Ring Light. If you are an aspiring vlogger and content creator, then you must have our 18 inch ring light for it provides extra light and illuminates shadows while you are recording. It is most effective for any activity that is within the scope of photography and videography. Our 18 Inch Ring Light is appropriate for vloggers, professionals, and even students. It’s a terrific fill light tool for remote online transactions, video conferencing, zoom calls, vlogs, selfies, beautification, portraits, dental care, tattoo shops, beauty and hair salon, and more. It is too many and you will never get tired of it.

Is this 18 Inch Ring Light rechargeable?

Of course, our Big Size Beauty 18 Inch Ring Light is rechargeable, sturdy, and offers great performance lighting that will surely above your standard expectation of a ring light. It also has a double USB port so that if you want to shoot using two (2) mobile devices (but you can mount 3 at the same time), you can! 

Will this 18 Inch Ring Light can be used for long hours or long duration?

Absolutely, yes! We are aware of our market’s characteristics and consumer needs in terms of ring lights and BrightenLux is making sure to cater to all your needs, help you solve your problem, and satisfy you with our top-grade quality ring light product.  Because of its heat dissipation feature, it helps the ring light to stand or use for long hours of using it without overheating.  

What is the light capacity of this 18 Inch Ring Light?

The 18 Inch Ring Light highlights the face quite uniformly than conventional lights, there is no flare, no shadows, and the gentle light is not unpleasant or hurts your eyes. It has over 120 LED bulbs large enough to give you light. With the switch button, you can easily adjust your optimum lighting to suit your complexion and your surroundings. The color temperature ranges from 2900 to 6000k, with 10 brightness settings to choose from for your convenience.

Can this 18 Inch Ring Light cover wide coverage?

Because of its intense and strong light capacity, it can illuminate even if you are far from the ring light. With its 55 watts of power, it can give a vast area of even fill light to accomplish face beautifying and surrounding enhancement. That is why it is also useful and helpful for outdoor shoots and pictures. It is surely a piece of light equipment that should be must have!

How heavy is this 18 Inch Ring Light?

If we take into consideration all other tools and equipment that come along with the ring light, its overall weight is 5 to 6 pounds at most. To compare it with other 18 inch ring lights on the market, it is considerably light in weight. Other consumers’ concern is that because of their profession or career, they need to take the ring light to where their schedule or shooting is located. And for that, we make sure that along with the 18 inch ring light you purchased and all the tools that come with it, we provide and include a travel case. Because the equipment is light in weight, you may carry it with you everywhere you go. Plus, it can just easily be assembled and disassembled when you need it to be, always ready on the go.

What is the adjustability of this 18 Inch Ring Light?

Our 18 inch ring light does not only help you provide additional illuminance but also portability and convenience. It has a 360 degrees adjustable gooseneck (phone holder), up and down: left and right. The gear knob has a 180 degrees locking function, enabling you to change the ring light position up to 90 degrees as according to your personal demands, making it ideal for when piercing, grooming, tattooing, manicure beauty, and other useful applications even if its for work or for personal use. Believe it or not, despite its looks our 18 inch ring light is very easy to assemble. When you get to purchase the product, it has a thorough and easy manual for you to identify how to install each part correctly.

Does it have 18 Inch Ring Light heat dissipation?

There is no need for you to be anxious if it overheats easily because we take time to carefully identify what could be our customers’ need for an 18 Inch Ring Light. It dissipates heat well. High-quality ABS exterior with outstanding automated heat dissipation capability, as well as 3 heat dissipation vents located at the back part to keep our ring light cool and extend its lifespan. So you can do your own thing for long hours without worrying whether your ring light is conditioned well even against heat.

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